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Realtime PIM API for Super Fast eCommerce

Realtime PIM API for Super Fast eCommerce

Realtime PIM API means that you can rely on your product information backend to power your eCommerce site directly.

Traditionally PIM has been a back-end system to manage basic product properties. The approach in Crystallize, as already mentioned, is to use the product information management service to power eCommerce solutions directly. We are combining structured product information with rich content to power a juicy eCommerce experience. We call this real-time PIM. 

Realtime Product Information Management

In Crystallize PIM is directly in front serving structured product data, images, and HD video. No batch imports, caching layers, or other workarounds. Point your front end directly to the real-time PIM API.

Using GraphQL in our fast eCommerce API lets us deliver structured complex product data in a single request to the backend. Unlike a standard REST API. Having a highly optimized API service allows us to get down to very few milliseconds of response time. Like the query below, which is served in 4 milliseconds. Milliseconds matter.

Frontend Performance

Frontend performance is one of the most important factors for successful eCommerce. Ensuring findability to generate organic traffic, increase user experience and increase conversion.

In short, the benefits of fast frontend performance are:

Ecommerce SEO Impact

Pagespeed index is a significant factor in SEO ranking, and according to Google, it is vital for both desktop and mobile SEO ranking. Continuously measuring your frontend performance KPIs is a key aspect of any digital marketing operation and a super important point in the eCommerce SEO checklist. 

You want to stay fast. With a real-time PIM like Crystallize, you can have your rich product information backend sorted and focus on building captivating customer experiences.

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