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Structured Content PIM with Products of Any Shape

Structured Content PIM with Products of Any Shape

At Crystallize we are information architecture geeks, well at least many of us. We believe in the natural state of product information and providing the building blocks so you can create the product shapes that fit your products and market. This is the underlying design criteria when creating the concept of product shapes in Crystallize. So you can build a tailor-made ecommerce experience and ultimately sell more products. In any channel.

Lego for Information Architects

The atoms in digital information are the good old 0 and 1. Anything we add on top of this is semantics and clever organization of these bits. The building blocks in product information management are chunks of information organized to create a higher level of semantic meaning. Like colorful lego bricks for information architects.

In Crystallize we have basic building blocks that represent text strings, rich paragraph collections, images, and even HD video. In addition, we have product-specific properties like prices, VAT, product variants, and even ecommerce subscription plans. We also define if a product is physical or virtual like a subscription to a streaming service. Information architects can go nuts with Crystallize. We believe content-rich storytelling is the core of successful commerce of the future.

Custom Product Shapes in Seconds

Crystallize is a headless PIM service. You can instantly start building your product shapes. No installation is required. Just log in and start creating. Creating the information architecture for your products is simply done in seconds. Information architects love the capability of Crystallize.

Rich Product Content in any Channel

Super structured product information is your foundation for multichannel ecommerce. Having access to your product content via a fast ecommerce API allows you to serve any channel from a single source. Centralize your multichannel product information and serve web, apps, or voice ecommerce channels like Alexa. All powered by a real-time GraphQL ecommerce API.