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Vue eCommerce Storefront With Nuxt.js

We have released an open-source NuxtJS eCommerce boilerplate. There are many Vue fans out there and this is our response to the many requests of having a storefront starter. We chose NuxtJS as the framework on top of Vue to enable a fast JAMstack strategy.

Open Source NuxtJS storefront

To get you a head start with building a tailor-made storefront we have built an open-source NuxtJS eCommerce boilerplate. This is a starting point you can use to launch your very own webshop using Vue in a JAMstack strategy with NuxtJS.

You can check out a the live NuxtJS storefront demo.

Vue storefront with NuxtJS screenshot.

Vue is popular

Vue is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks. If you are looking to learn a new frontend framework you should check it out. Currently, the battle is between React and Vue to be the most popular front-end JavaScript framework. Which one is best really depends on personal taste and your use case. 

Vue is supposed to be easier to learn than React. I guess that really depends on your background. To me, Vue is another tool for your Internet craftsmanship.

NuxtJS for JAMStack

NuxtJS is a framework on top of Vue. The main benefit of using NuxtJS is the native server-side rendering. This means that you can more easily build highly performant websites on top of NuxtJS.

Currently, the most popular usage of server-side rendering is called JAMStack. This means that you are pre-generating all the pages and hosting them statically directly on an edge network or CDN. This strategy allows for your website to always stay fast, from anywhere.

Download and check out our open-source NuxtJS eCommerce boilerplate.