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Engaging Online Shopping Experiences with Video

Engaging online shopping experiences are created using rich content. Beautiful pictures, easy to understand text, great navigation, and taxonomy topped with videos. In Crystallize you can add videos to any paragraph collection or even as a specific component in a shape. Allowing you to enrich your experience with formatted text, images, and videos. All optimized and ready on fast CDN for immediate delivery.

Video in paragraph collection in Crystallize PIM

Transcoded Video ready via CDN

Just upload a video and Crystallize automatically transcodes the video in different bitrates and sizes for fast delivery on different bandwidths and devices. Streamable video available in no time. No worries, just upload, and the transcoding and publish to CDN is handled for you. Simple. Fast.

  • Automatically transcoded to different sizes & bitrates
  • Generates media presentation description (MPD)
  • Generates m3u8 playlist files
Video upload transcoding in paragraph collection screenshot

Video Component for even better Semantics

When building information architecture to support your eCommerce you often want to semantically describe what video you have. This is done in Crystallize by adding a component to any product or document shape.

Video component in custom shape screenshot