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End-to-End Testing in eCommerce

End-to-end testing enables you to automate quality control of crucial customer journeys in your webshop. In this livestream, we cover end-to-end testing best practices for eCommerce. We dive into testing crucial journeys like the cart and checkout process, show examples of how you can set up these tests, and explore the code to see the details of how it's done.

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Testing & Fixing Web Performance and Page Speed for eCommerce

Milliseconds matter. In this livestream, we cover why you should do performance testing, tools you can use for performance testing, how to understand the test results, and how to fix them. We also cover the new Core Web vital metric interaction to next paint (INP) that will be introduced in March 2024 and replace FID. Now is the time to measure and improve to be ready for Google's next update. As we say in Crystallize: let's go Milliseconds hunting.

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