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What are the Best Google Tag Manager (GTM) Alternatives?

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a widely used tool for managing and deploying marketing tags without having to modify the code of a website. However, there are several alternative tag management systems (TMS) that might better suit certain organizations or use cases.

Here are some notable alternatives to GTM.

Adobe Launch (formerly DTM)

Adobe Launch tag management system is part of the Adobe Experience Cloud. It offers a variety of advanced features, making it suitable for large or complex businesses with sophisticated tagging needs. It integrates well with other Adobe products, which can be an advantage for companies already using Adobe software.

Tealium iQ Tag Management

Tealium offers a highly flexible and customizable TMS. It supports a wide range of tags and has strong data management capabilities. It's designed to handle the needs of large enterprises and comes with comprehensive customer support.


Segment is more than just a TMS; it's a customer data platform that collects, unifies, and routes data to hundreds of tools. It's a good option for businesses that want to manage tags and need a comprehensive customer data solution.

Ensighten Manage

Ensighten offers privacy-first, omnichannel data management capabilities. It provides real-time tag management and is able to handle large volumes of data, making it suitable for large enterprises with complex needs.

Matomo Tag Manager (formerly Piwik)

Matomo is an open-source web analytics platform that also offers a tag manager. If you're looking for a privacy-focused, open-source alternative to GTM, Matomo might be the right choice. It is also one of the most used Google Analytics alternatives as well.

Qubit Opentag (joined Coveo)

Qubit Opentag is known for its easy-to-use interface and flexible implementation options. It offers a free version that can be a good fit for smaller businesses, while its enterprise-grade version is suitable for larger organizations.

These alternatives to Google Tag Manager offer various advanced features, integrations, and pricing models. Choosing the right TMS depends on your specific needs, the complexity of your website, the size of your business, and your budget. That's why it's important to carefully evaluate your requirements and compare different options before deciding on the best solution for your business.

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