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Mollie Payment Integration

Mollie is a service specializing in processing online payments on behalf of merchants (e.g. webshop owners).

Getting Mollie Credentials

In order to get started with Mollie, you need to sign up for their services and create a website profile. After getting an account, you need to create API keys (use the Test API key to test your first payments). You will need the apiKey.

Add Your Preferred Payment Methods

In order to create a payment in Mollie, you need to select the available options for your customers. You can do this via Mollie’s dashboard, under Settings/Website Profiles/Payment methods. You need at least one option active to enable checkout within the boilerplate.

Adding a Default Currency

Mollie supports payments in ISO 4217 format, and expects only ISO 4217 format upon order creation. You may want to define your currencies within Crystallize so that they conform to this format. Crystallize is very flexible on creating price variants, allowing you to add and name any kind of currency. For example, Euros could be defined as €, Euro, EURO, EUR, etc.

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