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What Is the Best Payment Gateway for Small Business?

Selecting the best payment gateway for a small business depends on multiple factors such as business needs, customer base, transaction volume, cost considerations, and the level of technical support required.

We’ve already discussed the best payment gateway providers and mentioned several reliable and popular payment gateways suitable for small businesses.

As we said, it all depends on your goals, but if you want to get it out there as fast as possible, you should consider going with the standard, i.e., Stripe and PayPal, and build from there.

Stripe. Known for its developer-friendly APIs, Stripe suits businesses with a customizable payment solution. Stripe supports various payment methods, including all major credit cards, wallets, and local payment methods. It offers a straightforward pay-as-you-go pricing model with no setup or monthly fees.

PayPal. As one of the most recognized names in the payment industry, PayPal offers a variety of solutions for small businesses. PayPal is widely accepted around the world, making it an excellent option for companies that sell internationally. Its 'PayPal Here' feature also allows in-person payments, making it versatile for both online and brick-and-mortar stores.

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