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Load Testing Tools

Load testing is the science of testing how your website or application performs under load. What happens if you have an ecommerce website and black friday traffic hits you? You should load test your websites periodically to make sure you can handle the load. You basically test what happens when you get many concurrent users on your website or service.

Load testing

Load Testing Tools

When performing load testing there are a number of tools available. The load testing tools have different capabilities from just fetching the HTML on a page, to fetch all assets, send load from different locations and testing one URL or testing user journeys. Some tools also have capabilities to easily integrate into a CI/CD pipeline.

Do research and pick the tool that fits your requirements. Here are some popular load testing tools to get you started:

Load testing with

Load Testing vs Performance Testing

Load testing is different from frontend performance testing. When you measure frontend performance you check how fast your website is for one user. Frontend performance is important and is a key metric in the ecommerce seo checklist.

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