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Headless PIM with Crystallize #3 Digital Asset Management (DAM)

In this episode, we explore Digital Asset Management within Crystallize. Join us as we delve into uploading, organizing, sharing, and delivering images and various digital assets. Discover how integrated image handling can optimize workflows and unlock exciting new opportunities for showcasing products using interactive hotspots within images.

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Headless PIM with Crystallize #4 Information Architecture

In this episode, we're diving into Information Architecture (IA). Discover how product information is stored, organized, and labeled in Crystallize. Learn about the foundational elements of your product universe, including the catalogue, grids, and topic maps, all part of Crystallize's robust organizers.

Digital Asset Management in Crystallize

We’ve released our new Asset Organizer feature that allows you to easily organize and search through all of your media within Crystallize. In this stream, we have an overview of the new tool, plus some neat shortcuts for adding media to your items within Crystallize!

Visual Shopping with Image Hotspots in Crystallize

This product update is focusing on how you can showcase products and marketing content in images. Adding semantic references with hotspots to the featured products allows for a new way of visual shopping. Now natively part of the assets in Crystallize.

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