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Fetching All Components

Crystallize gives you access to a number of components. These components are collectively used to define a custom shape or to edit preexisting shapes. Let's take a look at how you can fetch all these components at once.

In order to perform these operations, ensure that you have the proper authentication (if necessary) and user permissions.

Querying Components

There are two ways to fetch components in Crystallize. One way is to fetch specific components as needed, the second way is to fetch all the components at once. In this section, we will be fetching all the components together.

Fetch All Components

Fetching all components is made as easy as possible. Similar to how you fetch components one by one using component-specific type, the same will be done here. However, instead of the component field, the components field is used. There’s no need to use IDs here, just the component types. The query below fetches only four types; you could add all component types here, if you'd prefer.

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