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Querying the Catalogue

The Product Information Management (PIM) API provides an easy way to fetch products, folders and documents.

Accessing the Catalogue

The catalogue API is easily accessible on a per-tenant basis as a POST to - replacing "teddy-bear-shop" with your own tenant identifier.

Products, Folders, Documents and Hello Crystallize

In Crystallize, Products, Folders and Documents are all implementations of the Item class and can be queried as an Item’s fragments in a GraphQl query. Using the powerful GraphQl querying mechanism you can start by querying the Item class data, which is inherited from the Product, Folder and Document classes.

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Using fragments

One of the most powerful querying tools GraphQl provides is the fragments mechanism. These reusable units result to a cleaner and more structured code. You may find useful some more detailed information on GraphQl query fragments.

Quering the Crystallize catalogue with GraphQL
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