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Order Management

Manage orders with webhooks. Automate notifications in Slack, add customers to newsletters and push order information directly to your ERP system.

Order management with webhooks

Event driven order management

Order management in Crystallize is event driven. You can listen to Webhook events that are fired when states are changed. Get notified when orders are created and pipeline states are changed. You can automate customer communication, integrations with warehouse fulfilment or digital account and access orchestration.

Order management with Webhooks

Webhooks with GraphQL

The beauty of GraphQL is that you can define exactly what data to transfer. If you just need the customers name and email or the complete order details you define this in the GraphQL query. Combine GraphQL with Webhooks and you have a magical combination.

The Webhooks contain exactly the data you want, noting more. And you do not have to do any further callbacks to fetch that extra data. Everything if available exactly where you need it making integrations a breeze.