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Content Chunk Component

A product, document, or folder can have a set of components that might have different target channels or use cases. You can use chunks to organize and group components in a shape to more easily repurpose the content in multiple channels. Content chunks can be repeatable.

Structured content chunk definition in shape screenshot

Content chunks for repeating semantic content

When you define a shape, you often want to define content semantically. For example, if you’re content modeling a recipe, you’d want to define the ingredients (products) with a relation to shoppable products. In addition, you’d like the editorial user to define the amount of the specific ingredient to use in the given recipe. This structure would also typically be repeatable.

These semantic repeating chunks of content are managed with the structural component called content chunks. Crystallize strives to be as descriptive about the product information and content that is managed, which is why we prefer structured chunks vs. blobs.

Content chunk repeating ingredients input
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