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Content Chunk Component

You can use content chunks to organize and group a set of related components to more easily repurpose content in multiple channels. Content chunks can be repeatable.

Content Chunk Component Usage

When adding this component to a shape, specify a name and use the toggle to set whether the chunk should be repeatable. Then click and drag components to add them to the chunk.

Below is an example of a repeatable content chunk for recipe ingredients. The chunk allows each ingredient to be defined with a quantity (numeric), a link to the ingredient product page, and a link to a substitute/alternate ingredient (item relations).

Content chunk on a shape

When editing content for an item, you can add, reorder, and remove chunks as needed. Use the action button (...) in the top-right corner of any chunk to access the following options:

  • Collapse all chunks
  • Add chunk above
  • Add chunk below
  • Reorder chunks
  • Remove chunk
Edit content chunk
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