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Properties Table Component

The properties table component is designed to hold semantically-defined product specs like height and width. You can define any number of properties tables, and each table can contain any number of key-value pairs for properties.

Properties Table Usage

When adding this component to a shape or piece, specify a name (required) and description (optional) indicative of the sort of content you wish for it to contain. This description will be visible to those who build content based off of this shape/piece.

This component is not translatable, meaning that the same key-value pairs will be stored for all translations. It’s best to use non-translatable fields for data that will be the same regardless of language (like dimensions or model numbers, for instance).

You can configure each properties table component as either arbitrary or fixed. Fixed properties are defined when the shape/piece is created, and these properties will be present for every item based off of this shape/piece. The tables and key-value pairs cannot be edited or removed, but the values may be left blank.

Fixed properties component on shape
Edit fixed properties table

Arbitrary means that no key-value pairs are specified at the shape/piece level. Instead, the editorial user will be free to add as many key-value pairs as desired when creating items. Every item based off of this shape/piece could thus have different sets of properties.

Use the action button (...) in the top-right corner to add, remove, reorder, and remove tables.

Within each table:

  • Add key/value rows with the plus sign button (+).
  • Click and drag on the left-hand side of a key/value row to reorder it.
  • Click the red X on the right-hand side of a key/value row to delete it.

Values may be left blank.

Arbitrary properties component on shape
Edit arbitrary properties table

Catalogue API Access

Once created, properties table components and their content are accessible via the Catalogue API. Refer to our sample query for retrieving properties table component content, and to the API docs at for more information.

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