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Switch Component

The switch component holds a boolean state: yes or no.

Switch Component Usage

The switch component is easily switched on and off by clicking, allowing you to manage boolean states in a semantically described component. For example, if you’re selling cars, you can use the switch component to indicate whether the car is electric. For an online magazine, you could use this component to determine whether an article should be available for free.

When adding this component to a shape or piece, specify a name (required) and description (optional) indicative of the sort of content you wish for it to contain. This description will be visible to those who build content based off of this shape.

This component is not translatable, meaning the same value will be stored for all languages.

Switch component on shape
Edit switch component

Catalogue API Access

Once created, switch components and their content are accessible via the Catalogue API. Refer to our sample query for retrieving switch component content, and to the API docs at for more information.

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